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Cable and Wire Marking Applications
120 labels/book
Liner tab allows easy removal of markers from the line and perforated
Contains self-laminating markers for small volume applications
50 to 120 deg F application temperature, -40 to 176 deg F operating temperature, 70 deg F storage temperature
Removal and application of the marker without touching the adhesive thus reducing contamination of the adhesive and acrylic, pressure sensitive adhesive ensures firm adhesion and made of transparent vinyl
3.5 mil THK material
33 oz/in W adhesion to steel, 38 oz/in W adhesion to backing
11 lb-in W tensile strength
Fast, convenient write-on wire marker for marking wire and cable (with 0.16 to 1.55 in OD), while providing a self-laminating protective shield over the legend
0.24 to 0.31 in OD cable
Self-laminating markers that are designed for small volume applications
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