• Features
Phase identification on large or small gauge wire or cable
Identification of terminal blocks, terminal strips and wire in panel boards or a piece of switchgear
Automotive applications on tubing, hoses and replacement parts
Compatible with 3M™ STD ScotchCode™ tape dispenser for convenient usage
Number of characters 6 per inch
Number style legend
Adhesion to steel 25 oz/in, adhesion to backing 10 oz/in
10 refill rolls
The smooth surface of this tape allows dirt and grime to be easily wiped off, providing text legibility even after extended exposure to a build up of contamination
3 mil THK
-40 to 121 deg C operating temperature range, 0 to 49 deg C application temperature, 26 deg C storage temperature
Fits 6/0 to 24 AWG Dia wire
0.003 in H x 0.215 in W label
Number of labels 576