• Features
Quick Insulator
Specially designed for primary insulation of solid dielectric insulated wires and cable splicing rated to 1000 VAC
Simple installation which requires no tools
Offers excellent wet electrical properties and resists water, acids and alkalis
Made of EPDM rubber which contains no chlorides or sulfur
Withstands temperatures of -40 to 194 deg F (-40 to 90 deg C)
Environmental sealing for communication and other non-electrical applications
1000 kcmil, 1250 kcmil, 250 kcmil, 300 kcmil, 350 kcmil, 400 kcmil, 500 kcmil, 600 kcmil, 650 kcmil, 700 kcmil, 750 kcmil, 800 kcmil and 900 kcmil conductor