3M™ Scotch® 054007-15017 Electrical Semi-Conducting Tape, 3/4 in W x 15 ft Roll L, 30 mil THK, Black

Packaging & Sealing Tapes
5739 MFG #: 13-3/4X15FT
19.79000 / ea
Scotch® Electrical Semi-Conducting Tape 13 is a highly conformable, semi-conducting EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) based high-voltage splicing tape. It is nonvulcanizingand shelf stable, with stable conductivity over a wide temperature range. Its conductivity is not affected, except by low-viscosity oils. The conductivity of cable semiconducting jackets is not affected by Scotch® Electrical Semi-Conducting Tape 13.
  • Applications
  • Features
To electrically round out high-voltage connectors and to bond to insulating materials to minimize electrical stresses
Semi-conducting (low resistivity)
Retains conductivity with strength
Elongates easily to conform to irregular shapes
Compatible with most solid dielectric cable insulations and conductors
Excellent resistance to cracking or checking from solvents, UV, or moisture
Compatible with high voltage splicing and terminating materials
Scotch™ electrical semi-conducting tape 13 must be based on ethylene rubber and be capable of operation at the emergency cable temperature of 130 deg C
10^3 ohm-cm volume resistivity; 10000 ohm field test resistance
Ethylene Propylene Rubber
highly conformable, semi-conducting Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR)-based, high-voltage splicing tape