3M™ Quick Term-II 5630K Cold Shrink Terminal Kit, 3, Silicon Rubber

Insulated Termination Kits
788320 MFG #: 5633K
890.24000 / ea
3M™ cold shrink QT-II 5630K series termination kit is designed for terminating medium voltage power cables in outdoor applications. When the 4-skirt terminal's core is unwound, it shrinks over the cable and ensures a leak proof, ideal fit. The track-resistant, silicone rubber insulation of the termination offers a long lasting service life.
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Provides a void-free seal to tape shield, wire shield and UniShield® power cables
High dielectric-constant material regulates the distribution of electric field stress
Accommodates wire sizes of 3/0 AWG to 300 kcmil at 5kV 100%, 2/0 AWG to 250 kcmil at 5kV 133%/8 kV 100%, 1/0 to 4/0 AWG at 8 kV 133%, 2 to 3/0 AWG at 15kV 100%, 4 to 1/0 AWG at 15kV 133%
Molded, silicone rubber insulation offers durability and reduces leakage currents in damp conditions
Withstands voltages of 5 to 15kV and is 110 kV BIL-rated