3M™ 5815 Deadbreak T-Bodies Modular Splice Adapter Kit, 9 Pieces, EPDM

Modular Splice Cable Adapter Kits
919243 MFG #: 5815-B44
326.31000 / ea
The 3M™ 5815 Series Modular Splicing System is a fully shielded 600 Amp separable connector system which meets the requirements of ANSI/IEEE Standard 386 - "Separable Insulated Connector Systems." These modular kits are available for splicing, dead-ending and connecting to dead front apparatus such as transformers, switches and switchgear equipped with 600 Amp bushings. The system has the capability for future modification by simply adding or removing modular componets. By combining kits, the system can accommodate 3-way, 4-way, parallel feed, etc. connections in various tap splicing configurations.
  • Features
1.33 insulation
Modular design allows custom tailoring for various splicing functions and configurations, such as multiple taps, sectionalizing, dead ending, adding-on
Bolt-together components allows dead break disconnecting and reuse of the connecting components
Molded conductive outer jacket provides for a fully shielded dead front connection which meets the requirements of IEEE standard 592 exposed semi-conducting shields on high voltage cable joints and separable insulated connectors
Kit packaging designed for industrial use, the kits simplify the selection, ordering and stocking of appropriate system components
Cold shrink design for simple shield rejacketing, provide all of the components necessary for adapting the separable connector to specific cable sizes and shielding types of common industrial power cables
Voltage test point the dead end plug provides a high impedance test point for safely checking the de-energized status of the circuit
Can splice one cable
Jacketed concentric neutral, tape shield, unishield, wire shield cable type
Aluminum compression connector type
Cold shrink tube insulating material
1.22 to 1.42 in insulation Dia