3M™ 5640 Cold Shrink QT-II Termination Kit, 1, For Use With JCN and CN Cable, Silicone Rubber, Dark Gray

High Voltage Cable Termination Kit
170102 MFG #: 5642-4/0
170.24000 / ea
3M™ Cold Shrink QT-II 5640 & 5650 Series Termination Kit includes a 4-skirt, 1-piece termination. It ensures a pliable, tight seal for jacketed concentric neutral power cables. The conjunction of high dielectric-constant material and silicone rubber insulation allows the termination to withstand voltages up to 15kV.
  • Features
Provides a void-free seal to jacketed concentric neutral power cables
High dielectric-constant material regulates the distribution of electric field stress
Molded, silicone rubber insulation offers durability and reduces leakage currents in damp conditions
Includes a 4 skirt, 1 piece, cold shrink termination and an SC0040 stem connector
Jacketed concentric neutral (JCN) shielding type
Conductor size by voltage (15 kV) 4/0 AWG
1 terminal