3M™ 5526A Cold Shrink QS-III Splice Kit, 25/28 kVAC, 500 to 1000 kcmil Conductor, 35 in L Splice, Silicon Rubber

Insulated Splice Kit, 25-28 kV
840968 MFG #: 5526A
1529.16000 / ea
The 3M Cold Shrink QS-III Splice Kits 5524A, 5525A and 5526A are 25/28 kV-class inline splices for tape, longitudinally corrugated (LC), wire and UniShield® shielded power cables. They are a cold shrink design sized to fit Type MV-90 or Type MV-105 cables with copper or aluminum conductor sizes ranging from 1 AWG to 1000 kcmil (50 to 500 mm2). The cold shrink splice body is a one-piece molded design made of specially formulated silicone rubbers, while the cold shrink jacketing is made of EPDM rubber for physical protection. Each splice manufactured is factory tested to provide reliability.
  • Features
In-line splice for joining tape shield, wire shield, UniShield® or longitudinally corrugated shielded power cables
Special electrode design of the kit reduces the electrical stress at a critical cable/splice interface
Silicon rubber splice body provides good high and low temperature performance and the EPDM rubber jacket offers physical protection
High voltage, production tested for partial discharge and AC ensure reliability
The cold shrink design fits type MV-90/MV-105 cables with copper conductors while ensuring a quick installation and better cable size transitions and 15000 a rated for faults current protection
Used with tape, wire, UniShield® and longitudinally corrugated (LC) shielded cables, transitions from shielded to neutral power cables, copper or aluminum conductors, size transition splicing
1.05 to 2.07 in OD connector
7-1/2 in aluminum/copper compression length, 8-1/4 in copper compression length, 7.83 in shear bolt connector length
1090 psi tensile strength
610% elongation
370 V/mil dielectric strength
500 kcmil, 750 kcmil, 1000 kcmil conductor size