3M™ 5412R QS-II Splice Kit, 15 kVAC, 1.16 in Dia Cable, 4/0 AWG Stranded Conductor, 18.4 in L Splice, Molded EPDM Rubber

Insulated Splice Kit, 15 kV
289822 MFG #: 5412R-CIR-4/0
387.81000 / ea
3M 5412R Series Molded Rubber QS-II Splice Kit is a 1-piece class inline splice perfect to repair the damaged cable. It is suitable to use on 15kV jacketed concentric neutral (JCN) or concentric neutral (CN) cables with copper or aluminum conductors. Its elongated design ensures the easy removal of damaged cables up to 6 inches.
  • Features
1-piece in-line splice is perfect to repair damaged JCN or CN cables up to 6 in
Computer design provides a compact size and optimal distribution of the electrical field
Specially formulated, peroxide cured EPDM rubber construction
Production tested for partial discharge and AC ensure reliability
Special 3M CIR4/0 repair connector, for a one piece connection to bridge across the gap resulting from the removal of damaged cable
900 psi tensile strength
570% elongation
1177 V/mil at 25 mil thick slab, 518 V/mil at 100 mil slab dielectric strength
4/0 AWG stranded conductor size