3M™ 5411A Insulated Splice Kit, 15 kVAC, 0.6 in Dia Cable, 1/0 AWG Solid Conductor, 9 in L Splice, Molded Rubber

Insulated Splice Kit, 15 kV
69600 MFG #: 5411A
116.32000 / ea
3M 5411A Series Molded Rubber QS-II Splice Kit is a 1-piece inline splice designed to use on 15kV jacketed concentric neutral (JCN) or concentric neutral (CN) cables. The cold shrink jacket has peroxide-cured EPDM rubber construction to ensure moisture resistance and durability.
  • Features
1-piece inline splice to use on jacketed concentric neutral (JCN) or concentric neutral (CN) cables
Provides an electrical connection for the outer conducting jacket to the cable semi-conductive jacket
Cold shrink jacket is made of peroxide-cured EPDM rubber which provides moisture resistance and durability
Factory tested to offer reliability
900 PSI tensile strength
570% elongation
1177 V/mil at 25 mil gap, 518 V/mil at 100 mil gap dielectric strength
1 AWG, 1/0 AWG, 2/0 AWG size stranded and 1/0 AWG size solid conductors