3M™ 5300 Pigtail Motor Lead Splice Kit, 1000 V and 5/8 kV, 2 to 1/0 AWG Feeder Cable, 4 to 1/0 AWG Motor Lead Conductor

Insulated Splice Kit, 5-8 kV
466685 MFG #: 5317
224.41000 / ea
3M 5300 Series Motor Lead Pigtail Splice Kit is perfect to use with copper compression and 2-hole lugs. This non-shielded splice kit is designed to splice wet/dry, motor lead cables to the incoming feeder cables. This kit is rated for 5/8 to 1 kV-rated applications.
  • Features
Fast and simple installation
No torches or heat source required
No special tools required to install splice
THK walls to resist puncture and abrasion damage
High dielectric constant stress control included with 5/8 kV kits for shielded feeder cables for minimizing size and electrical stress
Easy re-entry, can be used on cables with a rated operating temperature of 90 deg C and an emergency overload rating of 130 deg C, to splice (insulate and seal) motor lead connections for 1000 V and less cables sized 16 AWG to 500 Kcmil
Suitable for use with 30000 Series copper compression lugs or other UL listed copper lugs
365 V mil dielectric strength
750% elongation
1400 PSI tensile strength
3/4 in L maximum bolt
Polyethylene cable
2 to 1/0 AWG feeder cable, 4 to 1/0 AWG motor lead conductor