3M™ 054007-50622 Wire Pulling Lubricant, 1 qt Bottle, Gel, Translucent White, 1.01

Cable Pulling Lubricants
5797 MFG #: WL-QT
14.70000 / ea
3M™ Wire Pulling Lubricant Gel make wire pulling jobs smoother and safer, it also wipes off the cable quickly and cleanly before terminating or splicing. The consistent gel does not liquefy, or separate with hot or cold aging. It stays thick, smooth and ready to apply. Temperature use range is 20(deg)F to 110(deg)F.
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For pulling a wide variety of cable types, such as power, control, instrumentation and communication cables, includes coaxial and fiber optic cables and is compatible with common types of cable jacket materials
Lubricant has a low coefficient of friction which lessens the chance of cable jacket damage from high pulling forces
Low residue for easier cable replacement
Excellent lubricant for pulling a wide variety of cables types
Compatible with a wide range of cable types and jacket materials
Polymer gel is colorless
Translucent White