3M™ 054007-41458 Shrink Shield Adapter Kit, 8 Pieces, Black

Heat Shrink Tubing Adapter Kits
634938 MFG #: 8460
77.45000 / ea
The Shield Adapter Kit design provides a fault current capacity of 600 Amps on 15-35 kV class cables. These cold shrink kits require no heat, special tools or special skills to install. The cold shrink kits come complete with all necessary components (except the cable accessory) and are installed in a few simple steps. We've even attached a "bleeder wire" to the ground strap eliminating the need for additional wire and connectors. Each kit contains enough material to ground one cable accessory.
  • Features
Unique integrated ground braid/bleeder wire composite, Adapter Bleeder wire (14 AWG tinned solid copper (Cu) conductor) is soldered to the ground braid making installation quick and simple
Accommodates a wide range of cable sizes
No torch or heat required
Seals tight, retains its resiliency and pressure even after years of aging and exposure
Water resistant
Compatible with cable jackets and semi-conducting insulation shields
Resists fungus acids and alkalies, ozone and ultraviolet light
(5/8 kV) 1/0 AWG-350 kcmil (50-200 sq-mm), (35 kV) 2-1/0 AWG (35-60 sq-mm), (15 kV) 2 AWG-250 kcmil (35-150 sq-mm), (25 kV) 2 AWG-250 kcmil (35-150 sq-mm) cable size by voltage