3M™ 051135-35878 Bus Bar Heat Shrink Tubing, 10.28 in ID Expanded, 4.53 in ID Recovered, 0.138 in Wall THK Recovered

Heat Shrinkable Tube
811997 MFG #: BBI-10A-Red-20' Roll
81.91000 / ft
3M™ tubing BBI-A will handle voltage ranges from 600 V to 35 kV, reducing your inventory requirements and saving you time and money. the BBI-A material has a high resistance to splitting, while providing the flexibility to conform to bends in certain applications. superior split resistance can prevent insulation failures and resulting downtimes. BBI-A is unaffected by normal cleaning fluids and is resistant to physical damage. good thermal endurance (up to 110(deg)C/ 230(deg)F) contributes to longer life and more stable performance. excellent dielectric strength allows the required space between bus bars and metal enclosures to be substantially reduced. Closer spacing reduces both the overall size of the assembly, and the overall cost. Note: bus bar is packaged one roll per case, 20 or 50 feet long.
  • Features
10^13 Ohm-cm volume resistivity
Low temperature flexibility
550 V/mil dielectric strength
0.3% water absorption
Heat shock
0.059 in THK expanded wall