3M™ 051128-59922 Adhesive Lined Flexible Heat Shrink Tubing, 1 in ID Expanded, 0.32 in ID Recovered, 48 in L

Heat Shrinkable Tube
849189 MFG #: EPS300-1-48"-Black-24Pcs
15.50000 / ea
3M™ EPS-300 Heat Shrink Tubing is a dual-wall tubing provides the advantage of an integral, adhesive-lined construction. This flame-retardant tubing with a 3:1 shrink ratio offers insulation for 600V-rated applications. The flexible polyolefin construction features an internal layer of thermoplastic adhesive, which offers moisture-seal protection in automotive and marine applications.
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Automotive, Truck and Marine Wiring Splices and Harness Breakouts are Quickly and Easily Protected from Harsh Environments Applications
3M™ EPS-300 heat shrink tubing is a dual wall tubing provides the advantage of an integral, adhesive lined construction
Dual wall construction provides abrasion resistance and moisture seal protection
Offers the advantage of integral, adhesive lined construction
Flame-retardant tubing has a heat shrinkable outer wall that is irradiation cross linked for abrasion resistance and helps to maintain the high flow as well as superior adhesion characteristics
Self-extinguish flammability property
No dripping, flowing, cracking heat shock
Color coded for quick and easy identification of the wire
Provides a skintight fit and strain relief protection for electronic components, wire splices, wire bundles and harness breakouts
175 % elongation heat aging
0.3% water absorption
700 V/mil dielectric strength
10^14 Ohm-cm volume resistivity
2100 psi tensile strength
1 in OD
Adhesive Lined Flexible Pilyolefin