3M™ 051128-58390 Cold Shrink End Cap, 1.02 in ID Expanded, 1.94 in ID Recovered, EPDM

Electrical Insulators
764133 MFG #: 051128-58390
14.32000 / ea
3M Cold Shrink End Caps are close-ended, tubular rubber sleeves that are factory expanded and loaded onto a removable core. When positioned over the end of a cable, or other cylindrical object, the core is removed to provide a reliable environmental seal. Four different end caps are available to accommodate a wide range of sizes.
  • Applications
  • Features
Moisture sealing and physical protection for cables, pipes or other cylindrical objects
1.02 - 1.94 in Cable range
Simple and fast installation, no tools required
Accommodates size ranges from 0.46 - 3.32 in
Good abrasion resistance
Seals tight, retains resiliency for years
Water resistant, Resists acids, alkalis and ozone
No mastic or tape required
Use range of 1.02 - 1.94 in