3M™ 051115-16578 Self-Locking Fire Barrier Pillow, 2 in L x 4 in W x 9 in H, Graphite, 3 hr Fire Rating

Passive Firestop System
573106 MFG #: SLP-SMALL
32.48000 / ea
3M™ Fire Barrier Self Locking Pillows combine intumescent fire-rated material and a range of sizes with interlocking strips that allow installers to easily lock multiple pillows together without tools. Installers can also cut and reseal the pillows in the field. This makes it easier to assemble ideally-sized firestops for specific penetrations in floors and walls, installed to the correct compressions for maximum effectiveness in new construction or retrofit applications. No wire mesh, steel cover plates or other additional support is required. The pillows are fully re-enterable and reusable - the interlocking strips can be released by hand, making it easy to reconfigure firestop pillows as additional services are added or relocated.
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For fire stopping use, gypsum wall, concrete or block wall and concrete floors, conduit bank, inner duct cable and cable racks or tray applications
Intumescent pillows are designed to expand and lock together for tight seal against flame, smoke and toxic gasses
Easy to install, remove and reconfigure to help save time and labor
Interlocking strips let installers quickly lock pillows together by hand for fast, accurate firestops
Interlocking strips lock pillows together
Very easy to install saves time and labor
Easy to remove, re-enter and are fully reusable
Passes hose stream test without additional support
Optional field cutting if needed
No wire mesh or additional support required
Interlocking strips allow quick and secure pillow installation in floors or walls