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HVAC Ducts and Vents, Metallic and Non-Metallic Pipes, Blank Openings, Single and Bundled Cables, Insulated Pipe, Pipe and Cable Through-Penetrations, Bus Ways, Combos, Rated Wall, Floor and Floor-Ceiling Assemblies and Static Construction Joints
Firestop tested for through penetration applications for up to 3 hr
Sealant designed to help minimize sound transfer
Firestop sealant is compatible with CPVC piping
Water based and paintable sealant provides easy application and clean-up
Exceptional adhesion for long term performance
Fire resistance tested for static construction joint systems
Sealant is re-enterable and repairable
Sag resistant properties offer clean application as well as strong adhesion
Applied with conventional caulking equipment with excellent caulk rate
52 in 53 sound barrier
85 psi tensile strength
Smoke sea