Conduit Bushings
410225 MFG #: KR300
358.32000 / ea
O-Z/Gedney nonmetallic insulating bushings are used to protect wires and cables at entry and exit of threaded rigid conduit and IMC. O-Z/Gedney also has a plug to be used with metallic or nonmetallic bushings to prevent the entry of dirt or dust.
  • Features
O-Z/Gedney cable terminators and conduit sealing bushings are used on conduit ends and cable ends to effectively seal the cable and conduit
Provides a seal at the top of a vertical conduit for one or more single or multiple conductor cables
For rubber or plastic insulated cables in rigid conduit
Lay-In-Lug grounding lug can be mounted on locking collar
Can be field-drilled
For applications involving IMC, EMT or PVC conduit, a short nipple of rigid conduit should be used entering the bottom threaded hub
Canvas bakelite sealing disc
(1) 2.28 in, (2) 1.21 in, (3) 1.16 in, (4) 0.97 in cable size