250-2 TO 250-2 CU FIG C

Compression C-Taps
366984 MFG #: YCHC29TC29
49.19000 / ea
BURNDY® CRIMPIT™ C-Tap Compression Connector, Series: YCHC, C, 2 AWG to 250 kcmil Main/Run Size, 2 AWG to 250 kcmil Tap, Commercial Stranded/Flexible Copper Conductor, 997 Element A Die Index, Orange Color Code 1 in Wire Stripe, 90 deg C, Copper, Electro-Plated Tin, 0.94 in L x 0.98 in W x 2.12 in H
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Wire Tap
Features: Wide Range Of Run/Tap Combinations Including Class B Code I And Locomotive Flexible Conductor Combinations, All (B/B, B/I, I/I) Combinations Are Recommended: Each Connector Accommodates Many Cable Combinations, Allowing Maximum Flexibility For The Design And Installation Of A System, Color-Coded On The Connector That Matches The Die: Provides Matched System For Fast And Easy Installation, Each Connector Has A Recommended Insulating Cover Available, Flame Retardant Type CF-FR Covers Meet Oxygen Index 28 And UL94 V-O Requirements: A Complete Insulated UL Listed Installation Is Provided, Die Index Embossed On Connector After Completion Of Crimp: Permanent Inspectability Of Installed Connector Is Insure Consistently Reliable And Dependable Connections, Use PUADP-1 Adaptor With U Dies In Y46, Color Code: Orange, Tools, Die Set Catalog Number, And (number Of Crimps): Y750 Tool, U997 Die, (1), Y46 Tool, U997 Die With PUADP-1 Adapter, (1), Flame Retardant Cover: CFD-FR, Wire Strip Length: 1 IN, Die Index: 997 Element A, Conductor Size (run - Range): Commercial Copper: 2 AWG - 250 KCMIL, Flex Copper: 2 - 4/0 AWG, Conductor Type: Run: Commercial Stranded Copper, Flexible Copper, Tap: Commercial Stranded Copper, Flexible Copper, Conductor Size (tap Range): Commercial Copper: 2 AWG - 250 KCMIL, Flex Copper: 2 - 4/0 AWG, Shape: C
Wide range of run/tap combinations including class B code I and locomotive flexible conductor combinations
All (B/B, B/I, I/I) combinations are recommended each connector accommodates many cable combinations, allowing maximum flexibility for the design and installation of a system
Color code on the connector matches installation die - provides matched system for fast and easy installation
Each connector has a recommended insulating cover available, flame retardant type CF-FR covers meet oxygen index 28 and UL94 V-0 requirements
Die index embossed on connector after completion of crimp
Use puadp-1 adaptor with U dies in Y46
Commercial copper 2 AWG to 250 kcmil, flex copper 2 to 4/0 AWG run/tap size
For Y750 tool, U997 die, Y46 tool, U997 die with puadp-1 adapter and flame retardant cover CFD-FR