2-Circuit 365-Day Astronomic Time Switch with Ethernet in a Type 3R Steel Enclosure

Electronic Timers
1007884 MFG #: ET90215CRE
958.14000 / ea
The 2-Circuit 365-Day Astronomic Time Switch with Ethernet in a Type 3R Steel Enclosure 365-Day Astronomic Energy Control enables independent programming for each day of the year to provide flexibility for applications where load switching differs frequently. The time switch provides dependable and uncomplicated performance, plus to-the-minute programming for accurate load control and reduced energy costs. Holiday or exception programming is available to allow temporary overrides of repeating schedules. Control buttons provide manual control of each circuit independently, regardless of the operating mode. The time switch features a 100-hour supercapacitor to provide time keeping and automatic carryover without the need for a battery. External devices, such as wall switches and occupancy sensors, can be used as input signals to the time switch, allowing a manual ON, timed OFF capability. Programming is simplified by a USB port for easy copying and backups.
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General Purpose, Lighting, HVACR
Features: Automatically Detects Input Voltages between 120 and 277 VAC, Up to 4000 Events Plus Holidays Scheduling, Ethernet Capable for Upgrading Firmware and Networking Time Switches and PC Tools, Easy-to-Follow on-Screen Menu, Password Protection, Firmware Upgradeable, Schedule Review Mode, Saved Activity Log, 3 Year Warranty
Over 2000 events plus holiday schedules
Advanced scheduling including relative dating, such as fourth Thursday of November or first week of year
30 A rated contacts
100 hr super capacitor eliminates the need for batteries
USB connection for uploading, downloading and transferring programs
Easy to follow on screen menus for programming to the minute accuracy
Non-volatile memory protects programming indefinitely
Firmware can be upgraded in field via USB or Ethernet
Internally expandable in 4-circuit increments, up to 16-circuits for 4, 8, and 12-circuit models
PC app for easy scheduling or control, either remotely or through USB flash drive
Mobile app for real time status and overrides
1 hp at 120 VAC (NO), 0.25 hp 120 VAC (NC), 2 hp at 240 VAC (NO), 0.5 hp at 240 VAC (NC) horsepower rating
30 A at 12 to 240 VAC, 20A at 12 to 240 VAC, 20 A at 28 VDC (NO), 10 A at 12 to 240 VAC, 10 A at 28 VDC (NC) general purpose and resistive, 20 A at 120 to 277 VAC (NO), 3 A at 120 to 277 VAC (NC) ballast, 5 A at 12 to 240 VAC (NO) tungsten