19894 MFG #: 1/2
Steiner Electric
0.33000 / ea
Columbian 1/2 PD 10 series rope is made of polyester material and polypropylene synthetic fiber with a 4,500 tensile strength.
  • Features
This special combination rope blends the compatible and unique characteristics of polyester and polypropylene synthetic fibers. The outer jacket yarns are made up of polypropylene filaments with a covering sheath of polyester in a single yarn construction. These cover yarns give superior resistance to abrasive or frictional wear. The inner yarns are made of polypropylene for good strength and low weight. Excellent strength to weight ratio with good ability to handle repeated loadings.Very good to excellent resistance to alkalis and solvents;good resistance to acids. Excellent abrasion resistance to both external and internal wear. Recommended for public utility stringing lines and bull rope, heavy marine mooring hawsers, tree trimmers line, guy lines, hoisting rope, many commercial fishing applications.