Dimmer Switches
1129772 MFG #: DVSCCL-153P-TP
40.49000 / ea
A simple and elegant solution designed to match your existing designer style switches and accessories. Easily turn the lights on and off with the paddle switch. While the lights are on, use the sleek slide control to adjust lights to your perfect level. The paddle switch returns the lights to your favorite level.
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Lighting Control
Controls 150 W dimmable LED/CFL (screw-base), 600 W incandescent, or halogen loads. Paddle turns on/off. Slide up to brighten, down to dim. Provides reliable dimming of dimmable LEDs/CFLs, as well as halogens and incandescents.
Matches existing designer style switches
Features a large paddle switch and a small slider
Matching Claro® gloss or satin Colors® wallplates available for 1 gang up to 6-gang sizes
Power-failure memory
Standard RFI suppression
Satin finish