Wall Mount Occupancy Sensors
1113462 MFG #: MS-OPS5M-BL
41.50000 / ea
The Lutron® Maestro™ occupancy sensing switch combines a Maestro™ switch with a passive infrared occupancy or vacancy sensor. The sensor detects the heat from occupants moving within an area to determine whether the space is occupied. Based on the feedback from the sensor, the occupancy sensing switch will adjust the load accordingly.
  • Features
Switch with occupancy/vacancy sensor, works with up to nine companion switches
Occupancy/vacancy sensor switch, single-pole/multi-location, 5 A lighting/3 A fan capacity
Automatically switches lights on and off to provide convenience and energy savings
Controls incandescent/halogen, magnetic low voltage, electronic low voltage, non-dim fluorescent, non-dim LED loads
5 A light/3 A fan
600 W (incandescent/halogen/ELV), 450 W (MLV), 360 W (CFL/LED) power rating
400 sq-ft minor motion coverage
1/5/15/30 min (Adjustable) time delay