1101761 MFG #: DVSTV-BR
75.00000 / ea
A simple and elegant solution designed to match your existing designer style switches and accessories. Easily turn the lights on and off with the paddle switch. While the lights are on, use the sleek slide control to adjust lights to your perfect level. The paddle switch returns the lights to your favorite level.
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Lighting Control
Controls 0-10 V LED or fluorescent fixture loads, 50 mA max control current. Paddle turns on/off. Slide up to brighten, down to dim.
Large paddle switch with a captive linear slide dimmer for a standard designer wallplate opening
Full family of products for most lighting sources
Dimmers feature built-in soft glow nightlight
Patented switching technology extends product lifetime
High end and low end trim user is adjustable for optimal performance
Control provides dimming signal only
For 0 to 10 VDC LED ballasts and drivers
Precise color matching
For indoor use only
Gloss finish