Cable Grommets & Grommet Strips
1066111 MFG #: 2583610000
381.20000 / ea
Black cable entry system, 5 to 6 mm cable spacing, dimension is 0.815 in (length) x 0.815 in (width).
  • Features
The conical shape of the sealing elements allows for easy installation, seals gaps reliably and ensures strain relief in accordance to DIN EN 62444. Depending on the material, flammability according to UL94 of V0 (gray) or HB (black) possible. For installation, they are pressed into place from the inside of the frame inlays. As a result of its slotted design with wave cut, it is especially suitable for preassembled cables. The seal elements combined with the frames achieve an IP 66 degree of protection. For safe sealing different sealing elements with different cable diameters and geometries are available
-Fast adaptation of cable management in the event of system changes, service and maintenance cases
-Tamper protection can be achieved through an optional internal locking frame be established
-No loss of warranty on pre-assembled cables
-IP66, NEMA 4X and 12 thanks to captive foamed gasket
-Integrated strain relief of the cables in accordance to DIN EN 62444
-Operation Temperature Range: -40 °C to +120 °C, depending on the material, for a wide variety of applications
-Installation safety through simple handling with acoustic