Norton® 61463610459 37C Dressing Stick, Square, 6 in L x 1 in W x 1 in THK

Dressing Sticks
1010905 MFG #: 61463610459
18.52000 / ea
  • Abrasive Material: Silicon Carbide
  • Bond Type: Vitrified
  • Catalog Number: 61463610459
  • Color: Black
  • Country of Origin: MX
  • Grade: Very Coarse
  • Grit: 20
  • Gross Weight Per Pack: 0.90 lb
  • Series: 37C
  • Stock Status: NONSTOCK
  • Brand: Norton®
  • Manufacturer: Norton®
  • Shape: Squared
  • Overall Length: 6 in
  • Overall Width: 1 in
  • Overall Thickness: 1 in
The sharp and durable silicon carbide abrasive of the Norton® 37C SC dressing stick makes it an excellent choice for your truing and dressing tasks, including cleaning and reshaping grinding wheels to obtain optimal performance. The 37C features a superior vitrified bond that is designed to maximize the life of the abrasive. Use this dressing stick for dressing conventional vitrified wheels, it also serves you well as an extremely rough finishing stick when you need to remove small burrs. The 37C is effective on a wide variety of surfaces, including metal, masonry and stone.
  • Features
Sharp, durable black silicon carbide abrasive
Superior vitrified bond engineered to maximize the life of silicon carbide abrasives
These coarse grit and hard grade sticks are used for dressing conventional vitrified wheels
Clean, open and reshape grinding wheels to maximize grinding performance
Regular use will help maximize your grinding wheels performance
Ideal for dressing conventional vitrified wheels or as a very rough finishing stick to remove small burrs
Excellent choice for cleaning, opening and reshaping grinding wheels to maximize their grinding performance