T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusions

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80/20’s modularity is based upon the T-slot concept of our profiles. The "T" shaped slots present on all of our profiles allow for infinite positioning along the axis. While there are other types of T-slotted profiles in the industry, one modification to the 80/20 line is a slight adjustment to the " T" which creates the 2° Drop-Lock Feature.
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T-slotted profiles for both fractional and metric measurment series.
The 2° Drop-Lock Feature is one of the many practical aspects of the 80/20 product line that many of our competitors do not have. This drop-lock consists of a 2° decline of the T-slot flange. When a fastener is tightened to (or beyond) the necessary torque, the flange will flex up to the adjoining profile, thus creating pressure which prevents the fasteners from vibrating loose.
  • All 80/20 T-slotted profiles have the Drop-Lock Feature

  • When engaged, the connection is vibration proof.

  • Works with all 80/20 fasteners.
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