Manufacturers List

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Aamsco Lighting, Inc.
ABB Control Inc.
ABB Motors and Mechanical, Inc.
Abbott Workholding Products
A.O. Smith Electrical Products Co.
Abolite Lighting, Inc.
Abrasive Rubber Wheel Co. 
Ace Drill Corp.
Acme Electric Corporation 
Acme Industrial Company 
Acme Scientific Mold Polishing 
Acro Tool & Die Works, Inc. 
Adjustable Clamp Co. 
Advance Brush
Advance Transformer Co. 
Advanced Energy Ideas 
Advanced Microlites, Inc. 
Advent Tool & Mfg., Inc.
AEI Cables
Aeromotive Company 
Aero-Tech Light Bulb Co. 
Aervoe-Pacific Co. (Crown) 
Aetna Mfg. Co.
Agsco Corporation
Airmaster Fan Company 
Aitken Products, Inc. 
Akro-Mills, Inc.
Alan Wire Company
Albeo Technologies


Albrecht, Inc. (Royal Prod.) 
Alcan Cable
Alkco Lighting Co.
Allen Mfg. Co. (Danaher Tool) 
Allied Machine & Engineering 
Allied Moulded Products
Allied Support Systems
Allied Tube and Conduit
Aloris Tool Technology Co. 
ALP Lighting & Ceiling Products
Alpha Gear Drives, Inc.
Alpha Wire Corporation 
Alvord-Polk Tool Co.
American Carbide Tool Co. 
American Electric (T&B) 
American Electric Lighting 
American Fluorescent Co. 
American Glass Light Co. 
American Hand Dryer 
American Insulated Wire Corp. 
American Lock
American Polywater Corp. 
American Saw & Mfg. (Lenox) 
American Scientific Lighting 
American Tape (Intertape Polymer Corp.)
American Tool Co. (Vise-Grip) 
Amphenol / Pyle National 
Amprobe Instrument
Anaconda Sealtite (Anamet)


Anchor Chemical Co. 
Anderson Prods. Co. (Div. Wilton)
Angelo Brothers (Westinghouse LTG)
Antique Street Lamps (Lithonia) 
Apex Tool Works
Appleton Electric Co. (EGS) 
Applied Filtration Tech., Inc. 
APT (Republic Drill)
Arc Abrasives, Inc. 
Architectural Area Lighting (Hubbell)
Architectural Lighting Systems 
Ardee Lighting/USA
Area Lighting Research (ALR) 
Arlington Industries 
Armstrong Tools, Inc.
Arnco Corporation
Arroyo Craftsmen
Art Forms International, Inc. 
Artemide, Inc.
Atlantic Lighting, Inc.
Atlas Wire Corporation
Atlite Lighting (Cooper)
Austin Co.
Automatic Timing Controls (ATC)
Award Cutter Company


B & K Precision
B-Line Systems, Inc.
B-Line Telecom
Banner Engineering Corporation 
Barbizon Lighting
Bartco Lighting
Baselite Corporation
Battery Service Corp.
Beacon Products, Inc.
Bell & Gossett (ITT)
Benjamin Electric Mfg. Co. 
Benshaw, Inc.
Berko - Div. Of Marley Electric Heating 
Bessey Tools 
Beta-Calco, Inc.
Big Beam (Teledyne)


Bilz Tool Company, Inc. 
Bison Products
BIW Cable Systems, Inc.
BK Controls
B-K Lighting, Inc.
Blackburn (T&B)
Bodine Electric Co.
Bogen Communications, Inc. 
Bondhus Corporation
H.L. Bouton
Boyer Chemical
Brad Harrison (Woodhead/Molex) 
Bradley Systems, Inc. 
Brady Corporation 
Breeze Hose Clamp 
Bridgeport Fittings, Inc. 
Bright Star Industries


Brighton Best Socket Screw Mfg.
BRK Electronics (First Alert) 
Broan Mfg. Company 
Lester L. Brossard Co. 
Brown & Sharpe Mfg. Co. 
Bruck Lighting Systems 
Brush Research Mfg., Inc. 
Bryant Electric
Buchanan Construction Products
Buck Chuck Co.
Buffalo Precision
Burndy Electrical (FCI) 
Bussmann Mfg. (Cooper)


C.S. Osborne & Company 
Cablofil (Legrand)
Caddy Fasteners (Erico Electrical Products) 
Cadweld (Erico Electrical Products)
Cal Pipe Mfg.
Calculated Industries 
Caloritech Div. CCI. Thermal 
Camel Grinding Wheel 
Cam-Lok, Inc.
Camman Industries, Inc. 
Campbell Chain 
Canplas, Inc.
Cantex, Inc.
Capital Lighting Fixture Co. 
Capri Lighting
Cardinal EG Saws Corp. 
Carhartt, Inc.
Carlon Electrical Products (T&B) 
Carlon Telecom Systems 
Carmex Precision Tools
Carol Cable
Celestial Lighting Products 
Ceratizit USA (Duramet) 
Cerro Wire & Cable
CEW Lighting
Champion Fiberglass, Inc. 
Channellock, Inc.
Charles Industries, Ltd. 
Chicago Hardware & Fixture Co. 


Chicago Mfg. & Dist. (Extreme Pressure Lube) 
Chicago Power Systems 
Chicago Spotlight, Inc. 
Chloride Systems 
Christopher Moulder
Christy Concrete Products 
Chromalox - Emerson 
Circle A.W. (a B-Line Co.) 
Circle Machine Co.
Cisco Systems
CJT Koolcarb, Inc.
Clamp Mfg. Co., Inc.
Clapp & Haney Tool Co., Inc. 
Joslyn Clark Controls, Inc. (Ward Leonard) 
Cleveland Twist Drill 
Clic (Litchfield) 
Clipsal (Square D by Schneider Electric) 
Clorox Professional
Cobra Tools, Inc.
Cobra Wire and Cable 
Coffing Hoist Division 
Cogsdill Tool Products, Inc. 
Coilhose Co.
Cole Wire & Cable, Inc. 
Coleman Cable Systems 
Coleman Safety & Security 
Color Kinetics 
Columbia Lighting, Inc. (Hubbell) 


Condux (Jackson Tool) 
Condux International, Inc. 
Conical Tool Company 
Congress Tools, Inc. 
Conservation Technology, Ltd. 
Contact Electronics, Inc. (LAPP USA, Inc.) 
Continental Diamond Tool Corp.
Contrast Lighting
Control Technology, Inc. (CTI) 
Cooper Lighting
Cooper Power Tools (Div. Apex)
Cooper Tools
Cooper Wiring Devices 
Cosmo Wheel (Chicago Rubber) 
Cotterman Company 
Coxreels, Inc.
Cratex Mfg. Co., Inc. 
CRC Industries, Inc. 
Cree Led Lighting Solutions, Inc.
Crescent Lighting / Genlyte 
Crescent Tool Co. (Cooper Tools) 
Crouse-Hinds Molded Products
Crouzet Corporation 
Curlee Mfg. (EGS)
Custom Connector Corp. 
Custom Leather Craft Mfg Co. 
CV Lighting LLC
Cyto Meridian, Inc.


Dalian Machine
Dalloz Safety (Bacou)
Damen Carbide Tool Co. 
Danaher Tool Group
Data Flute
Day-Brite Lighting
Day-O-Lite Mfg. Co.
Dazor Mfg. Corporation 
Dekoron Wire & Cable
Delray Lighting, Inc.
Delta Lighting Systems, Inc. 
Deltrol Controls
Design House
Designplan Lighting, Inc.


Desmond-Stephan Mfg. Co. 
Devcon (ITW)
Devine Lighting, Inc. (Hubbell) 
Dip Seal Plastics, Inc. 
Directional Systems, Inc. 
Diversified Electronics, Inc. 
Diversified Tape & Graphics 
Dolan Designs
Donaldson Company, Inc. (Torit)
Donegan Optical Co., Inc. 
Dongan Electric Mfg. Co. 
Dorian Tool Int’l., Inc. 
Draka Cable
Dri Rite Co., Inc. 
Dual-Lite, Inc. (Hubbell)


Duct-O-Wire Company 
Duff-Norton Co. (Coffing) 
Du Mont Corporation 
Dundick Corporation 
Dunham Tool Company 
Duracell (Gilette) 
Duramet (Ceratizit USA) 
Durant Tool Co., Inc.
Duray Fluorescent Mfg. Co. 
Duro Lite Lighting
Dwyer Instruments, Inc. 
Dykem (ITW) Dynabrade
Dynamic Lighting


80/20® Inc.
E C Mitchell Co., Inc.
Eagle Electric Mfg. (Cooper) 
Eagle Grinding Wheel
Eagle Industries
Easy-Heat, Inc. (EGS) 
Ebinger Mfg. Company, Inc. 
Eclipse Lighting, Inc. 
Economy Bushing Co. 
Edison Price Co., Inc.
Edsal Mfg. Co., Inc. 
Edwards Signaling
Eiko LTD.
Eklind Tool Company 
Elastimold Second Bay
Elco Lighting
Electrical South, Inc.
Electri-Flex Company


Electroline Corporation 
Electromate Mfg. Co. (Rittal) 
Electromode Corp. (Singer) 
Elliptipar, Inc.
Emco Lighting
Emergi-Lite, Inc.
EMM, Inc.
E-Mon Corporation
Encoder Products Company
Energy Solutions Int’l., Inc.
Enerpac (GB Electrical)
Engineered Reflector Products LLC
Envirofan Systems, Inc.
Equipto Mfg.
Ergodyne Corporation
Erickson Electrical Equipment Co.


Erico Electrical Products
Ericson Manufacturing Co.
Ernst Winter
Esco International Lighting
Etcon Corporation
Euchner-USA, Inc.
Eurobec Metal LTD
Everede Tool Company
Exact Level
Exergen Corporation
Exide Safety Systems Div.
Eye Iwasaki
E-Z Lok


F&D Tool Co., Inc.
Fabcel Mfg.
Failsafe Lighting Systems (Cooper) 
Faraday, Inc. 
Fasco Fans 
Fasco Motors 
Fastcut Tool Corp. (Div. Talbot)
FCI (Burndy Electrical) 
Federal Signal Corporation


Feedrail (Universal Sewing) 
Ferraz Shawmut (Gould) 
Finelite, Inc.
Firex (Kidde)
First Aid Only
Fisher Pierce
Flexbar Machine Corp. 
Florida Pneumatic Mfg. Corp. 
Fluke Corporation
Focal Point


Focus Lighting, Inc.
Folding Guard Co.
M.A. Ford Mfg. Co., Inc. 
Forecast, Genlyte
Fostoria Industries, Inc. (TPI) 
Frank Loy & Assoc. (Stanley Drill Adapters) 
Fullerton Tool Co., Inc. 
Furnas Electric Co. (Siemens) 
Future Abrasives


G.T.E. Sylvania (Osram)
Gage Assembly
Galaxy Industries, Inc.
Galvan Industries
Gardco EMCO Lighting
Gardner Bender/ GB Electrical, Inc.
Garvin Industries, Inc.
GE Motors
GE Wiring Device
Gedney Co. (O.Z.)
General Cable (Guardian)
General Electric Co.


General Electric Lighting
General Tools Mfg.
Genesis Cable Systems
Genlyte (Thomas Lighting)
Georgia Pacific
Gerber Legendary Blades, Inc.
Gesswein & Company, Inc.
Gleason Reel Corp. (Hubbell)
Globe, Inc.
Go-Jo Industries
Gould Shawmut (Ferraz)
Grabber Warmers
Grace Engineered Products


Graymills Corporation 
Greenfield Industries 
Greenfield Tap & Die 
Greenlee Landscape Lighting 
Greenlee Tool Co. (Textron) 
Grier Abrasive Co., Inc. 
Grobet File Co. of America, Inc. 
GuardAir Corporation 
Guardian Lighting
Guth Lighting


Hadco Lighting / Genlyte
Hainbuch Workholding
Halco Lighting Technologies
Halo Lighting (Cooper)
Hammond Mfg.
Hammond Power Solutions
Hannibal Carbide Tool, Inc.
Hanover Lighting
C.H. Hanson Co.
Hapco Aluminum Pole Products
Hardinge, Inc.
Harvey Tool Company, Inc.
Hassay Savage Co.
Hastings Fiberglass Products
Hayden Twist Drill & Tool Co.
Hazlux (T&B)
HE Williams Products
Heinemann Saw Div.


Hellerman Tyton
Helwig Carbon Products, Inc.
Heritage Plastics
Hermes Abrasives
Herwig Lighting
Hess America 
Hevi-Duty/Sola (EGS)
Highlites, Inc.
Hinkley Lighting
Hitachi Cable
Hi-Tek (Lithonia Ltg., Inc.)
H-Moss (Hubbell) 
Hoffman Engineering Co.
Holophane Corporation / Lithonia
Honeywell Sensing & Control
Horizon Carbide
Hougen Mfg., Inc.


House-O-Lite (Holcor) 
Houston Wire
Howard Industries, Inc. 
Howard Leight
Hubbell Industrial Controls 
Hubbell Lighting (Miller Co) 
Hubbell Premise Wiring, Inc. 
Hubbell Wiring Devices – (Kellems)
Hubbell, Incorporated
Hunt Control Systems, Inc. 
Hunter Fan Co.
Hunter Lighting Group
Hunza Lighting USA
Huot Mfg. Company
Huron Machine Products, Inc. 
Hyde Park Electronics, LLC 
Hyde Tools
Hydrel (Lithonia)
Hytron (SQL Lighting Products)


ICM Corporation
Ideal Industries, Inc.
IDEC Corporation
IDT (Eaton Corp.)
Igloo Products Corporation 
ILC Intelligent Lighting Cont. 
Ilsco Corporation
Imperial Bronzelite 
Indalex/Easco Aluminum 
Industrial Press


Indy Lighting
Infinity Lighting, Inc.
Ink Specialties Co. (Canode) 
Innovative Fluid Handling Systems 
Insight Lighting
Intense Lighting
Interapid (Brown & Sharpe) 
Intermatic, Inc.
Intermec Technologies
Internal Tool, Inc.
International Metal Hose Co. 
Intertape Polymer Group


Invensys Climate Control (Kidde) 
Irwin Auger Bit Company
Irwin Company (American Tool) 
ITE Electrical Products (Siemens) 
ITW Devcon
ITW Dykem
ITW Pancon
ITW Texwire
ITW Vortec
ITW Workholding 
Ivalo Lighting, Inc.


J & S Tool Co., Inc.
J.H. Botts, Inc.
Jacobs Mfg. (Danaher Tool) 
Jamco Products, Inc. 
James Morton, Inc.


Janmar Lighting
Jefferson Electric, Inc. 
Jemison Electric
W.L. Jenkins Company 
Jesco Industries, Inc.
Jet Equipment & Tools, Inc.


Jet Gloves Mfg. Company 
Jones & Bartlett Publishers LLC
Joslyn Clark Controls, Inc. (Ward Leonard) 
Juno Lighting, Inc.


K/B Controls, Inc. 
Kaiser Tool Co., Inc. 
Kalamazoo Industries, Inc. 
Kanebridge Corporation 
Kano Laboratories, Inc. 
Kant Twist Clamps
KB Electronics
Kelch Inc.
Kellems (Hubbell, Inc.) 
Ken Forging, Inc. 
Kenall Mfg. Co.


Kennametal, Inc. 
Kennedy Mfg. Co. 
Kenroy Home
Keo Cutters
Keri Systems, Inc. 
Kester Solder Company 
Keystone/Rees, Inc. 
Kichler Lighting
Kidde Fyrnetics
Killark Electric Mfg. Co. (Hubbell)
Kim Hotstart Mfg. Co.
Kim Lighting, Inc. (Hubbell) 
Kimberly Clark

Kindorf (T&B)
King Luminaire
King Wire, Inc.
Kirlin Company
Klein Tools, Inc.
Koil Kords (Whitney Blake Co.) 
Kramer Lighting, Inc.
KTS Industries, Inc.
Morrison Kurtzon, Inc.
Kurt Versen Company
KW Industries, Inc.


L.S. Starrett Co.
Lacross Rainfair
Lakeland Ind.
Lam Lighting Systems 
Lamar Lighting
Lau-Conaire Div.
Lavallee & Ide, Inc.
Leading Edge
Ledalite Architectural Prod. / Genlyte
Ledtronics, Inc.
Leeson Electric Corporation 
Legion Lighting Company, Inc. 
Lenox/American Saw & Mfg. Company 
Lester L. Brossard Company 
Leucos USA, Inc.
Leviton Mfg. Company, Inc. 
Leviton Telcom
Lew Electric Fittings Company 
Lexco Engineering & Mfg. 
Liebert Corporation
Lift-All Company, Inc.
Liftex Corporation


Light Tech. Group, Inc. 
Lighting Control Systems, Inc. 
Lighting Specialties 
Lightmatic Lighting Controls 
Lightning Bug
Lightolier, Inc.
Lights of America
Linear Lighting Corp. 
Linemaster Switch Corp. 
Litecontrol Corporation 
Lithonia Lighting
Littelfuse, Inc.
Little Mule Products
Livex Lighting
Louis Poulsen Lighting 
Louisville Ladder Company 
Louvers International 
Lowell Corporation
Frank Loy & Assoc. (Stanley Drill Adapters)
LPS Laboratories, Inc.


LSI Industries, Inc. 
LSP Industries, Inc. 
LTC Whips
Lucifer Lighting Company 
Lufkin Rule Co. (Cooper Tools) 
Lumark (Cooper)
Lumascape USA, Inc.
Lumax Industries, Inc.
Lumec, Inc.
Lumens Light & Living Lumiere (Cooper)
Luraline Products Company 
Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. 
Lutz File & Tool Co.
Luxo Lamp Corporation 
Luxon Video
Lyndex Corp.
Lyon Workspace Products 
Lyte Poles, Inc.


M.A. Ford Mfg. Co., Inc.
MAG-LITE (MAG Instruments)
Magnetek Drives (Yaskawa)
Mallory (Duracell)
R.A. Manning
Manning Lighting
Maple Chase Company (Kidde)
Marathon Electric Mfg. Corp.
Marathon Special Products
Marco Lighting (Hubbell)
Mark Lighting Fixture Co., Inc.
Markal / LACO
Mark-Time (M.H. Rhodes, Inc.)
Maska Pulleys
L.E. Mason Company / Red Dot (T&B)
Master Lock Company
Maverick Tube Corp.
Maxi Signal Products
Mazel Company
McFadden Lighting
McGill Mfg. Company, Inc. (EGS)
McGraw-Edison Co. (Cooper)
McPhilben Lighting
Melin Tool Co., Inc.
Melissa Lighting


Meltric Corp.
Mennekes Electronics, Inc.
Mercoid Corporation 
Mercury Gauge Company 
Mercury Waste Solutions (MWS)
Merit Abrasive Products, Inc. 
Merlin Gerin (Square D by Schneider Electric)
Metal Removal
Metallics, Inc.
Metalux Corporation (Cooper) 
Meyer Gage Co., Inc.
Micron Industries Corporation 
Mid-Town Petroleum
Milbank Mfg. Company
Milbar Company
Millerbernd Mfg. Company 
Miller Company (Hubbell, Inc.) 
Miller Fall Protection (Sperian Protection Americas) 
Millersburg Reamer & Tool Co. 
Milwaukee Brush Co. 
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. 
Milwaukee Tool & Equip. Co. 


Minneapolis-Honeywell Reg. Co.
E.C. Mitchell Co., Inc. 
Mitee-Bite Products 
Mitutoyo (MTI Corp.) 
Modern Abrasive Corp. 
Modulightor, Inc.
Moffatt Products, Inc. 
Moldcast Mfg. Company (Hubbell)
Mono Systems, Inc.
Moon Cutter
Morlite Systems
Morris Kurtzon, Inc.
Morse Cutting Tools
James Morton, Inc.
Motorola, Inc.
Motorola Lighting (OSRAM) 
MP Lighting (MP Design, Inc.) 
Mulberry Metal Products, Inc. 
Multi Electric Mfg., Inc. 
Myers Electric Products, Inc.


N.E.C. Books
NAPA Filters & Belts
National Interchem Corp. 
National Pipe & Plastic, Inc. 
National Power Corp. 
National Specialty Lighting
Neer (EGS)
Nehring Electrical Works Co. 
Nelson Firestop Products


Neon Design, Inc.
Neoray Lighting Products (Cooper)
Neuber Industrial Diamond Co. 
New England Tap (Netco) 
Niagra Cutter, Inc.
Nicor Lighting
Nobur Manufacturing Co.
Nora Lighting


Norbert Belfer Lighting 
Norman Lamps, Inc.
Norstat, Inc.
North American Tool Corp. 
North Star Lighting, Inc. 
Northwestern Tools, Inc. 
Norton Co. (Saint Gobain) 
NSI Industries, Inc.


O.S. Walker Co.
O.Z./Gedney Company (EGS) 
Oberon Company
Ocal Div. of Thomas & Betts (T&B) 
Olflex Wire & Cable, Inc. (LAPP USA, Inc.)


Omega Lighting
Omni Cable
Onsrud Cutter
Optibelt Corp.
Opticon, Inc.
Osborn International

Osh-Kosh Tools (Leach) 
Osram Sylvania Products, Inc. 
Overly Hautz Motor Base Company


Pacific Abrasives
Palmetto Filtration 
Panasonic Lighting 
Products Pancon (ITW)
Panduit Corporation
Panduit Wiring & Communication Products 
Paragon Electric Company, Inc. 
Paramount Industries, Inc. 
Pass & Seymour, Inc. (P&S) 
Patton Electric Company 
Pauluhn Electric Mfg. Co., Inc.
Peachtree Lighting
Pearl Abrasive Co.
Peerless Lighting / Lithonia 
Peerless/Winsmith, Inc. 
Pelican Products 
Penn-Union Corp. (Teledyne) 
Perfect Line (T&B)
Pfaff & Kendall
Pferd Milwaukee Brush Co. 
Phase II
Philips Lighting Company


Phoenix Products Co.
PI Tape Co.
Picoma Industries, Inc.
Pilz Automation Safety 
Pittsburg Nipple
Planetor (Rule Industries) 
Plews/Edelmann Division 
Plumb Hammers (Cooper Tools)
Plymouth Rubber Co., Inc. 
Pollard Brothers Mfg. Co., Inc. 
Porcelain Products Company H.K. 
Porter Company (Cooper Tools)
Power Distribution Equipment 
Power Lighting Products (Valmont)
Power Strut/Allied
Pratt Burnerd America 
Precision Brand Products, Inc. 
Precision Designed Products 
Precision Marshall Steel Co. 
Precision Twist Drill Co. 
Precision Wheel Adapters


Preferred Power Products (P3) 
Prescolite (Hubbell)
Pres-On Abrasives, LLC 
Prime Conduit
Priority Wire & Cable
Prisma North America, Inc. 
Proctor & Gamble
Procunier Safety Chuck Co. 
Producto Machine Company 
Progress Lighting (Hubbell) 
Progressive Automation Control
Prospetto Light 
Protective Ind. 
Products Protectoseal Co. 
Prudential Lighting 
Prysmian Cables
Pure Lighting
Pyle-National Company / Amphenol


Q-Mark / Marley 
Qualichem, Inc.


Quality Chaser Company 
Quattro Lighting, Inc.


Quazite Utility Products (Strongwell-Lenoir)


RAB Electric Mfg. Co. 
Rack-A-Tiers Mfg., Inc. 
Raco, Inc. (Hubbell) 
Radiant Lighting Solutions 
Rainbow CCTV
Ralco Div. (Pyle National) 
Ralf Pucci West Coast 
Rawlplug Company, Inc. 
Ray-O-Vac Corporation 
Raywall Products Co. (TPI) 
Ready Tool Co.
Rebelle Lighting Fixture Co. 
Recoil U.S.A.
Red Dot - Div. of L.E. Mason Co. (T&B)
Red Lion Controls


Redington Counters, Inc. 
Rees, Inc. (Keystone/Rees) 
Regal Beloit Corp.
Regal Cutting Tools 
Regent Lighting (Cooper) 
Reiff and Nestor Co. 
Rejuvenation Lighting 
Reloc Wiring Systems / Lithonia
Remke Industries, Inc. 
Republic Conduit
Republic Drill Corp.
Revcor / Magnetek
Rex-Cut Products, Inc. 
Rexnord/Stearns Corporation
Ridge Tool Company


Ridgid Tool / Ridge Tool Company 
Rig-A-Lite, Inc.
Rigibore, Inc.
Ripley Company, Inc. 
Riten Industries, Inc. 
Rittal (Electromate) 
Robbins & Myers (Hunter) 
Robert Lighting & Energy, Inc. 
Rol-Lift Corporation, Inc. 
Royal Electric, Inc.
Royal Products
RSA Lighting (Cooper) 
Russellstoll (T&B)


S.P. Products, Inc. 
S.P.I. Lighting
SAB Associates Wire Products, Inc.
Saf-T-Lok International Corp. 
Saint-Gobain Abrasives (Norton)
Salisbury Electrical Safety (Honeywell) 
Sandvik Coromant Co. 
Schaublin USA, Inc. 
Schneider Electric (Square D Company) 
Scully-Jones Corp.
Seagull / Lighting 
Select Engineered Systems 
Selecta Switch, Inc. 
Sellstrom Mfg. Co.
Se’lux Corporation
Senior Industries
Sentinel Lighting
Service Wire Company 
Services & Materials Co., Inc. 
Severance Tool Ind., Inc. 
SGS Tool Company 
Shakespeare Composite Structures
Shaper Lighting (Cooper) 
Shars Tool Company 
Shat-R-Shield, Inc.
Shawmut (Ferraz)
Shuford Mills, Inc.
Shurtape Technologies, Inc.


Siemens Industry, Inc. 
Siemens Industry, Inc./SITOP 
Signal Transformer
Signtex Lighting, Inc.
Siltron Emergency Systems 
Simkar Corporation
Simonds Industries, Inc. 
Simpson Electric Company 
Sine/Pyle National (Amphenol) 
SL Waber / Tripplite
Slide Products, Inc. 
Sola/Hevi-Duty (EGS)
William Sopko & Sons Co. 
Sorbent Products Co., Inc. 
Sorgel (Square D by Schneider Electric) 
Southern Gage 
Southwire Company 
Sparks Tool Co.
Spaulding Lighting Company (Hubbell)
Specialty Lighting Company 
Specified Technologies, Inc. 
Spe-D-Cut Tool
R.L. Spellman Mfg. Co., Inc. 
Sperian Protection Americas 
Sprayon Products Group – Div. of Sherwin Williams
SQL Lighting Products (Hytron Lamps)
Square 1 Precision Lighting 
Square D by Schneider Electric 
S-T Industries, Inc.


St. Mary Mfg. Corp.
Staco Energy Products, Co. 
Staff Lighting
Standard Abrasives
Stanley Electrical Products 
Stanley-Vidmar Storage Sys. 
L.S. Starrett Co.
Stearns Rain Gear (Coleman) 
Stearns Rexnord Corporation 
Steco Co. (Tapmagic)
Steel City (T&B)
Sternburg Lanterns, Inc. 
Sterner Lighting Systems (Hubbell)
Stonco Lighting
Streamlight, Inc.
Stress Crete Limited 
Strutmaster (Allied Tube) 
Suburban Tool, Inc.
Sun Valley Lighting Standards 
Sunnyside Corporation
Super Tool, Inc.
Superior Abrasives
Superior Electric
Superior Rubber Mfg.
Surelite Starters
Sure-Lites (Cooper)
Swivelier Company, Inc.
Sylvania, Inc. (Osram) 
Symbol Technologies, Inc.


T & S Equipment
T.B. Woods, Inc.
T.C.I. (Trans Coil, Inc.) 
Tamaqua Cable Products Corp.
Tapmagic (Steco Co.)
Targetti North America
Taylor (Gould, Inc.)
Taymac Corporation
Teal (Chloride Systems, Inc.) 
Tech Lighting
Techna International 
Technical Theatre Services, Inc. 
Technology Research Corp. 
Te-Co Tooling Components


Teka Illumination 
Teledyne Big Beam
Teledyne Penn-Union 
Telemecanique/Square D by Schneider Electric 
Teron Lighting
Texas Fluorescents 
Thermoweld (Continental, Inc.) 
Thomas & Betts (T&B)
3G Lighting, Inc.
3M Company
360 Lighting 
Timemark Corporation 
Titan U.S.A. 
Tivoli Industries, Inc.


Toolmex Corporation 
Topaz, Inc. (Square D by Schneider Electric)
Torit (Donaldson Co.)
Tork, Inc.
Touch Plate Lighting Control 
TPI Corp.
Tramont Corporation
Trans Coil, Inc. (TCI) 
Translite Systems
Triad (Magnetek)
Trico Mfg. Corp.
Trilliant (Square D by Schneider Electric) 
Trinco Trinity Tool Company 
Tripplite / SL Waber
Turck, Inc.
Turner (Cleanweld)


Ugly Books
Ultra Tool Int’l., Inc. 
Underwriters Safety Devices (Bussmann)
Unified Tool & Die
Union Butterfield Corp.


Union Metal Corporation 
Unistrut Corporation
United Abrasives
United Lighting Standards, Inc. 
Universal Lighting Technologies


Ushio America, Inc.
Uste/Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting 


V.A.W. of America
Vaco Products (Klein Tools) 
Valmont Lexington
Van Kueren, Inc.
Vaxcel International W LTD 
Vega Tool Corporation


Venture Lighting
Veolia Environmental
Veris Industries
Kurt Versen Company 
Vestil Mfg. Co.
Viking Drill


Visa Lighting
Visionaire Lighting
Voight Lighting Industries 
Vortec (ITW)
Vynckier, Inc. (English)


W.F. Wells Machine Tools
Salisbury Electrical Safety
W.L. Jenkins Company
Wac Lighting
Waldmann Lighting Co.
Walker Magnetic Chucks
Walter Surface Technologies
Walter Waukesha
Walton Company, Inc.
Ward Leonard (Joslyn Clark)
Warren Tool Group
Waste Management
Watt Stopper
WD 40 Company
WE-EF Lighting USA LLC


Webber Gage Div.
WEG Electric
Weldon Tool Co. (Div. Talbot)
Weller (Cooper Tools)
Wendt-Diacraft, Inc.
RD Werner Co., Inc.
Wesco Industrial Products
West Penn Wire
Western Lighting, Inc.
Westinghouse Lighting Solutions
Wheatland Tube Company
Wheelock, Inc.
Whitney Blake Co. (Vermont)
Wide-Lite Corporation
Widell Industries, Inc.


Edwin L. Wiegand (Chromalox)
William Sopko & Sons Co. 
Williams Ltg.
Wilton Corp. (Walter Meir) 
Winona Lighting Studios 
Winsmith (Peerless-Winsmith, Inc.)
Wire Wrap Tool (Cooper Tools) 
Wiremold Company
Wiss Snips (Cooper Tools) 
Daniel Woodhead Company (Molex)
T.B. Woods, Inc.
World Dryer Corporation 
World Imports Lighting 
Wright Tool
WW Engineering Co. LLC


Xcelite Tools (Cooper Tools)


Yankee Tool
Yaskawa (Magnetek Drives)


Yorklite Electronics
Young Bros. Stamp Works, Inc.


Yuasa-Yi, Inc.


Zaneen Lighting
Zebra Skimmers Corp.


Zebra Technologies
Zenith Controls, Inc. (GE)


Zero Max
Zumtobel Staff Lighting, Inc.