Build Revenue with Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)

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Build Revenue with Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)

   The majority of electrical vehicle (EV) owners charge their vehicles at home, and they will require a safe, easy-to-use charging system.


Schneider Electric offers a full line of products available for use indoors or outdoors in both wall and pedestal mount models.


Adaptive technology works intuitively with the vehicle to charge the battery, automatically shutting off once the battery reaches 100%

  Reduces charging time by 50% over Level 1 charging stations.

Protection you can count on, including auto reset capability and integral ground fault protection for the user


Delayed charging allows users to schedule charging for a second period of time to help reduce energy costs and environmental impact by charging during off-peak hours.


Easy to install and intergrate with other products for a complete EV solution.

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