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Lighting Controls Board Room

A good lighting system adequetly performs the rudimentary task, but a great lighting system reduces energy costs while enhancing the work environment and improving the productivity of its occupants. 

Studies have proven that lighting significantly affects energy consumption, work performance and quality. With proper planning and design you can reduce overall energy costs and create optimal production levels by implementing energy-efficient lighting solutions that are scalable and easy to manage. Incorporate the tremendous benefits of energy-efficient lighting, sensors and controls, and you have a retrun on investment that is easy to justify.

Steiner’s lighting specialists can provide guidance on saving energy, meeting industry standards and maximizing the efficiency of your lighting system through an Energy Audit.

Steiner’s Energy Audit will provide you an evaluation of your existing lighting system and options to design an energy-efficient lighting solution that meets your current requirements and remains flexible and scalable for future needs. Your audit will include:

  • Environmental Impact Report
  • Project Lifetime Costs
  • Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Yearly Maintenance

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