Switchgear & ATS


Steiner offers switchgear for emergency/standby, energy management and paralleling generator applications. Using reputable, proven manufacturers combined with a solid understanding of the power industry, Steiner’s Power Systems Division can lend application and technical support for virtually any application.

  • Steiner offers several manufacturers of automatic paralleling switchgear to meet any need—emergency standby, prime power and energy management.
  • During emergency situations, when utility power fails or fluctuates outside acceptable voltage or frequency levels, generator switchgear starts the standby system and connects it to the load.
  • Generator switchgear synchronizes, parallels and automatically starts the number of generator sets to match the size of the load.
Generator Switchgear


  • Utility to generator paralleling and generator to generator paralleling options.
  • Single and multiple genset arrangements for parallel to add capacity or parallel to add redundancy
  • Open transition, closed transition and generator soft loading transfer options.
  • Fixed or draw out circuit breaker configurations.
  • Meets applicable UL, ANSI and IEEE standards.
  • Engineering capability to offer virtually any protective relaying, control and monitoring requirements.
Automatic Transfer Switches


Steiner offers the industry leading manufacturers of transfer switches and the flexibility to match any power requirement.

  • Safe dependable protection for any facility that requires backup power.
  • Steiner offers UL 1008-listed power switching mechanisms that transfer to an emergency source in under 1/6 second (Transfer time between live sources).
  • ATS ratings from 30 Amps through 4000 Amps.
  • ATS are available in non-automatic, automatic, open transition, delayed transition, closed transition and bypass isolation configurations. Also available are service entrance type ATS.
Please contact your Steiner Power Systems application engineer or call 1-847-956-3098 for more information.