Powertron Tap Box


If you experience frequent power failures, a permanent natural gas or diesel genset is the best solution. Whenever the utility fails, power is restored within seconds. When the cost of a permanent generator is prohibitive and there is a need to restore power to critical areas, the Powertron® Tap Box is an economical solution. Power can be restored within minutes from the time the portable generator is delivered, compared to the many hours it takes when no connection device is available.

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Powertron Tap Box


The Powertron® Tap Box makes your facility “emergency power ready,” avoiding the clumsy, costly and time consuming process of connecting temporary power. The installation of a Powertron Generator Docking Station allows you to:

  • Predetermine load requirements
  • Predetermine generator sizing
  • Predetermine location for the temporary generator, eliminating customer and employee disruptions
  • Predetermine cable lengths
  • Establish a quick method of connecting power
  • Security is not compromised with exposed cable connections running down hallways and through doorways
Powertron Tap Box available in multiple amperages
Powertron Tap Box provides quick connection of generators to facilities