Totally Integrated Automation

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Totally Integrated Automation
Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) represents a complete spectrum of automation components that feature the highest possible level of integration of both hardware and software, including:

  • A uniform software environment that supports most phases of the project, including hardware selection, programming and operation and diagnostic services. All components and systems are configured, programmed, tested and monitored with a single, fully integrated software platform.
  • A common database that significantly reduces data entry tasks and ensures consistency throughout the project. All data, entered only once, becomes readily available factory-wide.
  • A common communications architecture, easily configured and readily scalable, ranging from the sensor/actuator level to factory-wide networks.

Steiner and Siemens offer all the key components of your plantwide or machine automation solution, including PLCs and I/O, software, HMI, motion control, motors and drives, networking technology and more, all tied together by world-wide service and support.

Automation Software
Steiner offers an integrated suite of software tools from Siemens that increases engineering efficiency through the life cycle of your automation systems.

Siemen's Step 7 uses the latest in development practices and standards, including structured programming and object oriented programming techniques, allowing users the opportunity to benefit from the significant time savings resulting from collaborative engineering.

Engineer your PLCs, Motion, Drives, Networks, HMI and SCADA all in one platform. Design, configure, test, debug and maintain your automation systems all from the same integrated platform.

Adherence to standards, integrated, scalable tools and worldwide service and support have made Siemens a global leader in manufacturing automation software. Let us show you how we can significantly reduce your engineering costs with a Siemens Step 7 solution.

Industrial Networking Technology
Steiner's networking experts are ready to assist you in the development and implementation of your information management strategies. Device and control network technology ensures optimum process operation on the factory floor, utilizing industry standards such as Profibus, AS-I, DeviceNet, Interbus-S and Ethernet. We can provide most LAN and WAN components, as well as the software necessary to complete a cost effective, scaleable solution for your enterprise-wide network demands.