Machine Safety and Training

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Machine Safety
The evolution of machine safety has accelerated considerably in the last decade. Hardwired, mechanical components have been the tried and true solution. But, advances in network technology, the development of "smart" components and ultimately, the introduction of the PLC based, safety controller have changed the way machine builders, manufacturing managers and safety engineers view the machine safety challenge.

For simple machines, the traditional approach is often the most practical and cost effective. However, as machines become more complex, the advantages associated with implementing more automated solutions are considerable. While hardwired relay logic for control has long since migrated to the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), until recently little has been done to garner similar improvements in machine safety systems. Now, dedicated safety controllers and integrated machine safety/control solutions offer far more cost effective, productive solutions.

Assessing the intrinsic risk associated with the process and the return on investment associated with the solution ultimately determines the course that must be taken. Regardless of the state of your process, Steiner Electric is prepared to offer a solution that is right for your business, including controls, light curtains, safety mats, laser scanners, interlocks and most other components.

Training and Education
Steiner offers customized training for all the solutions we provide, either at our Technical Education Center or at your location. This is an ideal approach to address the specific training needs associated with fast tracked projects or for new employees that have to get up to speed quickly.

For more broad based training, we can recommend the right, in-depth classes offered by our suppliers. Typically lasting a full week, these classes are ideal for those employees who will become in-house experts and required to provide engineering or support for a wide range of products and/or applications.

Engineering Services
Steiner has a team of experienced engineers able to provide the support necessary to ensure an optimum return on your investment in technology. At Steiner we offer the most basic field service activities, such as start-up or troubleshooting, and we can assist you with system design, programming and project management.

Our engineering staff is accessible 24/7 by calling 1-800-STEINER.