Appleton® Stylmaster™ VPAS75120ACBL VP Series Explosionproof Strobe Fixture, 120 VAC, Octal Socket Xenon Lamp, Pendant Mount, Blue Lens

Explosion Proof Strobe-Flashing Lights
328898 MFG #: VPAS75120ACBL
1769.64000 / ea
Appleton Group's weatherproof obstruction, approach and boundary luminaries provide energy efficient, low intensity guidance for aircraft - delineating runways and indicating the presence of communication towers, buildings and other tall structures. They offer excellent weather protection and easy maintenance. Stylmaster™ strobe luminaries are used for warning and communications in areas where audible signals cannot be heard. They are suitable for use in hazardous locations as well as areas exposed to severe weather, moisture, dirt, dust, corrosive atmospheres and high ambient temperatures.
  • Features
Modern styling, with clean-line mounting hood and prismatic glass globe, plus optional guard
Globe seats firmly against silicone gasket in mounting hood to keep out dirt and moisture
Full threads eliminate cross threading
Optional guard protects glass from damage and has exclusive snap-on attachment feature for quick installation and fast servicing
Fixtures operate safely in high ambient temperatures
800000 peak candlepower
Fixtures are complete with lamp
Heat- and impact-resistant globes have smooth dust-resistant exterior
Fixture is suitable for mounting globe up or globe down utilizing pendant, ceiling or wall bracket type mounts
Copper free (4/10 of 1% max) aluminum mounting hoods
Powder coat epoxy mounting hoods and guard finish
One hub, rigid conduit
3/4 in hub
Enclosed and gasketed
Without guard