Appleton® CJFB3275BU Code Master Jr. CJ Series Factory Sealed Explosionproof Fixture With Globe, PL-T CFL Lamp, 36 W Fixture

Explosion Proof Outdoor Lighting
498667 MFG #: CJFB3275BU
1660.03000 / ea
Light fixtures that work flawlessly and stand up to harsh conditions go unnoticed everyday, which is exactly the point. Appleton luminaires are designed to withstand the harshest conditions and operate across your facility without incident. A century of innovation and testing makes sure of that. From area to task, flood to emergency, we have a light fixture perfectly suited for every task and use in environments that are hazardous, adverse or ordinary. After all, our vast collection of fixtures is unsurpassed in the industry. Appleton has expanded the boundaries of technology, efficiency and performance to ensure your lights stays on, because failure is not an option.
  • Features
Fixtures operate safely in high ambient temperatures
Arrangement of heat producing components results in more efficient heat dissipation for cooler fixture operation
Patented wireless design threading of fixture unit onto mounting hood makes electrical connection (the only wiring required is attaching two wires to connection block in mounting hood)
Safe, easy servicing or replacement without disconnecting any wiring
ACME double-lead threads do not stick or gall and require only half as many turns as single lead threads when installing or removing fixture from mounting hood
All threaded joints are flame-tight
Factory sealed, external seals not required
Heat and impact-resistant globes have smooth dust-resistant exterior
Superior corrosion resistance
Fluorescent light source reduces energy cost
Position of the lamp socket and interior prism design of the glass globe provide optimum light distribution and control
Ultra long 100000 hours of life with less than 30% lumen depreciation after 60000 hours of operation and no cycling at end of life
Low total harmonic distortion (less than 10%)
Virtually maintenance free
Fluorescent lamp life of 10000 hr reduces relamping cost compared to incandescent, and provides superior T numbers
Copperfree (4/10 of 1% max) aluminum ballast bodies and guards
Sand cast copperfree (4/10 of 1% max) aluminum bracket mounting hoods
Epoxy powder coat finish, electrostatically applied for complete, uniform corrosion protection ballast bodies, guards and mounting hoods
For use with threaded metal conduit
3/4 in 4 hubs, three close up plugs