Appleton® CIP3075 Pendant Fixture, 1 Incandescent Lamp, 300 W Fixture, 300 VAC, Epoxy Coated Housing

Outdoor Pendant Fixtures
520747 MFG #: CIP3075
1016.65000 / ea
Appleton® Pendant Fixture, 300 VAC, 300 W Fixture, Incandescent Lamp, 300 W Lamp, Medium Lamp Base, 1 Lamp, Pendant Mount, Aluminium Housing, Epoxy Coated Housing, 7.8 in L x 7.8 in W x 13.53 in H
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For Use In Hazardous Locations Such As Plants Where Plastics, Paints, Thinners And Petrochemicals Are Manufactured, Chemical And Petrochemical Plants, Such As Manufacturers Of Plastics, Paints And Thinners, In Refineries, And In Other Areas Where Ignitable Vapors, Dust, Moisture And Corrosive Elements May Be Present; Suitable For Outdoor Saltwater Locations And For Other Wet Locations; Use With Threaded Metal Conduit
Fixtures operate safely in high ambient temperatures; Epoxy powder coat finish electrostatically applied for complete uniform corrosion protection; The only wiring required is attaching two wires to connection block in mounting hood; Connection block is easily wired: Loosen two screws, make wire connections and re-position connection block, safe, easy servicing without disconnecting any wiring; Wireless fixture unit threads off mounting hood for convenient servicing or for immediate replacement with a stand-by unit; Acme double-lead threads speed installation and fixture removal from mounting hood - only half as many turns are required as for single-lead threads; The threads do not stick or gall, eliminating problems often encountered with single-lead threads during fixture unit removal; Strategic location of lamp socket, in combination with interior prism design of the glass globe, provides optimum light distribution and control;
NEC: class I, Division 1, groups C, D, class II, Division 1 and 2, groups E, F, G, class III, CEC: class I, Division 1 and 2, groups B, C, D. T3B, class I, zone 1 and 2, groups IIB, IIA, Exd IIB H2, zone 1, class II, Division 1 and 2, groups E, F, G. T3B, class III enclosure
40 deg C ambient temperature, 75 deg C supply wire temperature
Heat and impact resistant prismatic glass globe lens
Number of Hubs: 1
3/4 in hub
Epoxy powder coated housing finish
Copper free aluminum housing material
Without guard