Appleton® AC10100G UNILETS AC Series Explosionproof Luminaire With Guard, A21/Incandescent Lamp, Epoxy Powder Coated Housing

Explosion Proof Outdoor Lighting
354611 MFG #: AC10100G
1109.44000 / ea
Appleton® UNILETS Explosionproof Luminaire, Series: AC Series, A21/Incandescent Lamp, 60 to 100 W Lamp, Prismatic Glass Lens, Ceiling Mount, Aluminum Housing, Epoxy Powder Coated Housing, 13.75 in L x 7.06 in W
  • Features
All A-51 fixtures are factory sealed; no external sealing fittings required
New high temperature phenolic connection block in mounting hood has rugged leaf spring contacts - loosen two screws, rotate and remove for quick wiring
Safe, easy servicing or relamping without disconnecting any wiring
Wireless fixture unit easily threads off mounting hood for convenient servicing or for immediate exchange with "standby" unit
All joints are flame-tight
Specially formulated two-coat baked epoxy enamel provides superior protective finish to resist corrosion and applied to all mounting hoods, fixture units and guards
New high temperature glass reinforced phenolic socket block in fixture unit has collector ring and pin that automatically make electrical contact as fixture unit is threaded onto mounting hood
Globes in A-51 fixtures are explosionproof and heat- and impact-resistant glass
Prismatic configuration on globe interior provides light control while allowing smooth exterior surface for cleaning
A-51 fixture units have standardized threads to fit all A-51 and mounting hoods
All fixtures have aluminum inner reflector for increased lumen efficiency
A-51 fixture guards to protect globe are of rugged copperfree aluminum construction and double epoxy coated
Easily mount to globe ring with 3 screws
1 in four hubs
Three close up plugs
Natural finished aluminum reflector
Heat/impact-resistant glass globe
For use with threaded metal conduit
Epoxy clad double coated, electrostatically applied epoxy powder coated