Wall Switch Stations
600415 MFG #: OSW-P-0451-MV-W
56.14000 / ea
Wall switch, used to detect motion from a heat-emitting source within its field-of-view and automatically switch lights on and off. Self-adjusting feature, self-resetting features used with a toggle switch.
  • Features
The OSW-P-0451-MV is a self-contained motion-sensing lighting control which replaces a conventional wall switch for energy savings and convenience. Lightsturn off automatically after a room is vacated.The OSW-P-0451-MV is designed to detect motion from a heat-emitting source(such as a person entering a room) within its field-of-view and automaticallyswitch lights on and off. Lights will remain on until no motion is detected and apreset time delay has expired.The OSW-P-0451-MV includes a self-adjusting feature that will maintain opti-mum performance by automatically self-adjusting sensitivity and time delay inreal time based on occupant activity.Model OSW-P-0451-MV offers a choice of Automatic On or Manual On modes.In the Automatic On mode, the lights turn on automatically when a personenters the room. In the Manual On mode, lights are turned on by pressing thetouchplate on the switch. Modes can be changed by flipping the concealedswitch under the touchplate. (see Checkout and Adjustment)In either mode, lights will remain on as long as motion is detected in the room.When no motion is detected, the lights will turn off automatically after thepre-set time delay. In Manual On mode, a grace period of approximately ten seconds follows the lights turning off automatically. During that grace period,lights can be turned on again by motion. In the Automatic On mode, lights willbe turned on by motion at any time.At any time, lights may be turned off while the room is occupied by pressing thetouchplate. The OSW-P-0451-MV is fully self-resetting;lights turned off manu-ally in Automatic On mode will stay off while the room remains occupied. Afterthe room is vacated and the pre-set time delay and grace period have elapsed,the lights will remain off until turned on automatically the next time someoneenters the room.The OSW-P-0451-MV can be used with a standard toggle switch to split thelighting load for rooms that are wired for two switches as shown in the WiringDiagram. Control of a second circuit with a single switch is possible with use ofGreengate Model OSW-P-0451-DMV Dual Level Automatic Self-Adjusting WallSwitch.The Lighting Sweep feature forces an initial delay on Power Up to preventfalse activation in buildings with computer controls systems.
-Read all instructions on both sides of this sheet first.
-Plan all component locations carefully.
-Install in accordance with all local codes.
-For use with 120/277 VAC only.
-Not for use where temperatures fall below 60o F or exceed 90o F.
-For indoor use only.