Screw Anchors
184021 MFG #: THD37300H
Simpson Strong-Tie®
158.32000 / ea
The Simpson, THD37300H is a 3/8 x 3 in hex shaped screw anchor with 110000 PSI tensile strength.
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Hex-Washer Head Requires No Separate Washer;Provides a Clean Installed Appearance
Titen HD screw anchors are a trusted anchor solution because they offer the performance that specifiers need and the ease of installation that contractors demand. The Titen HD stainless-steel screw anchor for concrete and masonry sets the new standard for when the job calls for installation in multiple types of environments. It is the ultimate choice to provide fast and efficient installation, combined with long-lasting corrosion resistance for an unsurpassed peace-of-mind.
-Code listed under IBC/IRC in accordance with ICC-ES AC193 and ACI 355.2 for cracked and uncracked concrete per ICC-ES ESR-2713
-Code listed under IBC/IRC in accordance with ICC-ES AC106 for masonry per ICC-ES ESR-1056
-Qualified for static and seismic loading conditions
-Thread design undercuts to efficiently transfer the load to the base material
-Standard fractional sizes
-Specialized heat-treating process creates tip hardness for better cutting without compromising the ductility
-No special drill bit required — designed to install using standard-sized ANSI tolerance drill bits
-Testing shows the Titen HD installs in concrete with 50 PCT less torque than competitor anchors
-Hex-washer head requires no separate washer, unless required by code, and provides a clean installed appearance
-Removable — ideal for temporary anchoring (e.g., formwork, bracing) or applications where fixtures may need to be moved
-Reuse of the anchor to achieve listed load values is not recommended