Conduit Sealing Fittings
492095 MFG #: WSK-10-113
568.21000 / ea
  • Country of Origin: US
  • Standards/Approvals: ARRA Compliant
  • Stock Status: Scheduled Items
  • UOM: lb
  • Weight: 11.0000
  • Brand Name: O-Z/Gedney
  • Manufacturer: O-Z/Gedney
Thru wall and Floor Sealing Assembly and Fitting, Constructional Feature Watertight, Corrosion Resistant, Trade Size 3/4 Inch (Conduit/Steel Pipe), 1 Inch (Copper Tube), Outer Diameter 1.05 Inch (Conduit/Steel Pipe), 1.125 Inch (Copper Tube), Wall Thickness 7-1/2 to 16 Inch, Material Epoxy Zinc Coated Malleable/Ductile Iron (Body), PVC Coated Steel (Pressure Ring), Neoprene (Grommet), Number of Clamp Screw 2
  • Applications
  • Features
For new installation and to use as a future use fitting to seal cable penetration of controlled environment vaults
Cast iron durability
Integral water barrier
Seals tightened with standard 3/4 in wrench
Easy, craft friendly installation
Hub with NPT thread
Withstands 50 ft head of water pressure without leakage
Fitting seal always accessible for retightening
1.05 in OD conduit/steel pipe, 1-1/8 in OD copper tube
Trade size - 3/4 in - conduit/steel pipe, 1 in - copper tube
Corrosion resistant
Constructional feature watertight
7-1/2 to 16 in THK wall