GB® Ox-Gard™ OX-800 Anti-Oxidant Compound, 8 oz Squeeze Tube, Semi-Solid, Gray, 1.37

Electrical Joint Compounds
PDW~7287218 MFG #: OX-800
GB® (Gardner Bender)
18.66000 / cg
  • Catalog Number: OX-800
  • Composition: 10 to 15% Zinc Powder, 5 to 10% Talc, 1 to 5% Graphite
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Flash Point: >221 °C
  • Gross Weight Per Pack: 7.2500 lb
  • Odor|Scent: Petroleum
  • pH Range: Neutral
  • Standards: RoHS Compliant
  • UNSPSC: 31201601
  • UPC 11: 03207679080
  • Stock Status: NONSTOCK
  • Brand: GB® (Gardner Bender)
  • Manufacturer: Gardner Bender
  • Color: Gray
  • Container Size: 8 oz
  • Container Type: Squeeze Tube
  • Form: Semi-Solid
  • Specific Gravity: 1.00
Ox-Gard Anti-Oxidant Compound contains prime grade zinc and is formulated with metallic zinc to create a compound that enhances electrical and thermal conductivity which is used on high power crimp connections and stud bolt mountings. When the connection is tightened, the grease is displaced, leaving a layer of zinc filling in the surface imperfections of the interface. This has a twofold effect; it improves electrical conductivity and it improves thermal conductivity. This reduces the connection temperature under high power conditions by a reduced voltage drop and by providing a heat conductivity path to the connection's substrate. Ox-Gard Anti-Oxidant Compound is manufactured with unique grease compounded from custom refined low Sulphur oil. The grease base ensures brush-ability over a wide temperature range, tenacious adherence to all surfaces, resistance to water wash out and the prevention of rust and corrosion. This makes the product easier and more reliable to use.
  • Features
The perfect safeguard for aluminum-to-aluminum, aluminum-to-copper wire connections and aluminum conduit joints. Guards against oxidation. Improves conductivity; penetrates aluminum oxide to maintain inter-strand and inter-conductor current paths. Produce
Makes connections more reliable
Makes connections more weatherproof
Protects connections from corrosion
Reduces temperate rise
Low sulphur content
Non-reactive, no gassing in storage
Brushable over a wide temperature range
Sticks to wet joints