Leviton® miniZ™ MZD20-102 2-Zone 2-Relay Dimming Version Integrated Room Controller, 120/347 VAC, 15 A, 50/60 Hz

Wall Switch Stations
945931 MFG #: MZD20-102
368.47000 / ea
The Leviton® integrated room control (IRC) combines single room occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, 0-10V dimming, partial On, partial Off and demand response capabilities into a single, easily installed package. IRC features several methods of ladderless Commissioning™ for install and forget convenience, including the AutoCal™ feature which automatically sets the maximum light output levels and calculates light loss factor for accurate lumen maintenance. The IRC ships as either custom kits or a complete kit with a factory configured occupancy sensor, photocell and 4-button switch. The 4-button switch provides On, raise, lower and Off functionality. The performance, features and capabilities of the IRC product provide a simple and cost-effective stand-alone energy management solution to maximize energy efficiency and meet energy code mandates for virtually any commercial room control application.
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For LED lighting applications
Stand alone simplified daylight harvesting with full range dimming
Demand response capabilities
2 zone control for LED lighting
4-Button switch available with on, bright, dim and on/off buttons with optional engraving 2 entry stations for individual manual zone control included with 2 zone, 2 relay kit (RCD20-102)
CA Title 24 2013 stairwell application control - for time of day maximum and minimum lighting control
Provides plug load control when paired with OPP20 super duty power Pack
Cost effective energy code compliance
Ladder less Commissioning™ provides install and forget convenience
Convenient occupancy sensor and photocell integration
Autocal™ automatic photocell target level calibration
Accepts external time clock input to provide an off Sweep function or modify the partial off function
Simplified integration with emergency systems
Controls maximum lighting output for additional energy savings potential and task tuning
Daylight switching, full range 0 to 10 V dimming
Partial on control for initial light level in either manual switch or occupancy sensor auto modes
Partial off control for minimum continuous light level
Adjustable minimum light level shut off value
Emergency input drives auxiliary zones to fu
Automatic correction for light loss factor (LLF), recognizes and corrects for lumen maintenance issues, cost effective energy code compliance, ladderless Commissioning™ provides install and forget convenience, automatic closed loop multi-zone daylight
Automatic Correction for Light Loss Factor (LLF), Recognizes and Corrects for Lumen Maintenance Issues, Cost effective energy code compliance, Ladderless Commissioning provides in stall-and-forget convenience, Automatic closed loop multi-zone daylight co