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For Use In Marine And Wet Locations, Areas Where Flammable Gases And Vapors Or Combustible Dusts Are Present Under Conditions Defined By The National Electrical Code , Non-Hazardous Locations Where Severe Weather Conditions, Excessive Moisture, Dirt, Dust Or Corrosive Atmospheres Are Encountered, Pulp And Paper Mills, Processing Plants, Chemical Plants, Oil Refineries, Foundries, Manufacturing Plants, Storage Areas, Marine Applications
The Mercmaster III series provides a wide selection of high quality enclosed and gasketed luminaires for use in demanding industrial environments and ; Epoxy powder coat finish electrostatically applied for complete uniform corrosion protection; Modular design allows scores of fixture component combinations to meet installation and lighting needs; Many most used combinations are offered prewired and assembled, complete with lamp, packaged in a single carton and ready to install; Hinge has high lip for added safety during installation and servicing; Hinge and bolt construction ensures 360 DEG compression at all points on ballast housing gasket for positive sealing; Swing away design of captive bolt and nut simplifies servicing; Body gaskets and globe gaskets are high temperature silicone rubber; Capacitors are non-PCB type, thermally isolated from ballast; Mogul base porcelain socket with nickel-plated contacts has 200 DEG C welded leads, prewired to the ballast to ensure trouble free o
Cast copper free aluminum mounting hoods and ballast bodies, stainless steel guards and hardware
Fiberglass reinforced white polyester reflectors, etched aluminum enclosed reflectors with sealed, tempered heat- and impact-resistant lens
Heat- and impact-resistant internally fluted glass globes and prismatic glass refractors
Superior corrosion resistance
High pressure sodium or pulse start metal halide
Six mounting arrangements to suit any lighting layout pendant, ceiling, wall bracket, 25 deg (angle) stanchion, 90 deg (straight) stanchion and cone
Wide choice of photometric distributions
All fixtures designed to perform in a +40 deg C (+104 deg F) ambient temperature, selected fixtures are suitable for ambient temperatures up to +65 deg C (+149 deg F)
Mogul base porcelain socket with nickel-plated contacts has +200 deg C (+392 deg F) welded leads, prewired to the ballast to ensure trouble free operation in high ambient temperatures
Ground wire provided to bond hood and ballast housing for electrical protection
Terminal blocks are provided for Zone 2 fixtures to facilitate wiring
Standard dome or 30 deg angle reflectors made of fiberglass reinforced white polyester, highly resistant to corrosive atmospheres and vented for cooler operation and maintained lumen output
A wide range of voltages available (120 to 600 V) and ballast types (CWA, CWI and Super CWA)
One piece ballast housing for each component provides even heat dissipation for cooler operation and longer ballast life
All Mercmaster III mounting hoods have provision for easy field installation of fuses in fixtures
1-1/2 in NPT hub, 25 deg stanchion fixture