80/20 1004-242 1 X 1 BI-SLOT OPPOSITE T-SLOT 242" EXTRUSION

1.00" X 1.00" T-Slotted Profile - Two Opposite Open T-Slots #1004
PDW~6643390 MFG #: 1004X242.00"
55.66000 / ea
1004 is a 1.00" x 1.00" fractional 10 series square T-slot profile with two opposite open T-slots, one on two 1.00" faces. The profile has align-a-grooves to assist in alignment when connecting profiles. The 1004 profile is compatible with 10 series fasteners. The placement of the T-slots allows support structures or large panels to be easily placed into them while lending itself to projects such as guarding, furniture or displays.