SolaHD PCB1B-WKEY Base Connector, For Use With Edco PC642 Series Surge Suppressor

Surge Protector Accessories
762146 MFG #: PCB1B-WKEY
23.81000 / ea
SolaHD Base Connector, For Use With: Edco PC642 Series Surge Suppressor, 5 to 250 VAC Operating Voltage, 8 to 300 VAC Clamping Voltage
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The Edco PC642 surge suppressor is a two-pair (four-wire) module implementing three-stage hybrid technology. This module addresses over-voltage transients with gas tubes and silicon avalanche components.
Three-stage hybrid protection, Sneak/fault current protection, Resettable fusing - PTCs, Low capacitance, Plug-in module, Fast response time, Requires Edco PCB1B-WKEY mounting base