OEM Solutions

Steiner is a leading provider of value-driven solutions for OEM customers, with a strong emphasis on new products and innovation. Through strategic partnerships with world-class manufacturers, we offer comprehensive solutions across diverse markets and applications. Our extensive team of application engineers goes beyond product availability, providing exceptional support tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. Trust Steiner as your dedicated partner in driving OEM innovation and achieving success.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to actively seeking feedback and staying adaptable in an ever-changing industry. By closely monitoring market trends and engaging in continuous improvement, we proactively address emerging challenges and develop innovative solutions. Through collaborative partnerships and open communication with OEM customers, we anticipate evolving requirements and strive to exceed expectations. With Steiner as your trusted partner, you can rely on our dedication to delivering value, industry expertise, and a customer-centric approach that sets us apart. Together, we can navigate the dynamic landscape, embrace opportunities, and drive OEM innovation forward.

The Power of Expertise


Steiner takes pride in its knowledgeable team of Product Specialists who are dedicated to assisting you throughout your project. With years of experience and expertise, we help you innovate by providing you with the best solutions. Supported by trusted manufacturers and offering a wide range of assistance.

  • Steiner's team of Product Specialists are dedicated to assisting customers throughout the entire machine design, build, and production process.
  • With extensive experience and knowledge, our specialists help customers innovate with their machines to provide optimal solutions for their own customers.
  • Customers benefit from access to the expertise of Trusted Brands manufacturers such as Siemens, Schneider Electric, Turck, Banner, Weidmuller, and more.
  • Steiner offers assistance in areas such as in-class and on-site training, proof of concept, demo equipment, vendor specialists, and Product Education.
Power to Connect


We prioritize accessibility and efficiency through our digital platforms. With a user-friendly website, you can easily access comprehensive product information aiding in your decision-making process. The website's product configurators further enhance the selection process by providing real-time pricing and availability. 

  • Steinerelectric.com offers convenient access to detailed product information, whitepapers, and technical specifications, allowing for quick and efficient selection of the right products.
  • Product configurators are available to assist you in finding the appropriate products, with instant price and availability information linked to your accounts.
  • Digital tools enable efficient Account Management, providing you with order status, delivery details, account balance, and easy reordering of materials.
  • Steiner prioritizes customer experience, aiming to make interactions as efficient and seamless as possible.
Power to Deliver


Steiner ensures safe and timely material delivery, backed by value-added solutions. From dedicated stock and a new Central Distribution Center with innovative technology to the efficiency of the Hoffman Modification Center, Steiner maximizes customer productivity and profitability.

  • Steiner is renowned for our reliable and timely material delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction and project success.
  • With dedicated stock for critical parts and proactive risk mitigation strategies, Steiner minimizes disruptions caused by long lead times, guaranteeing smooth operations for customers.
  • Steiner's investment in a state-of-the-art Central Distribution Center, featuring innovative vertical lift module technology, enhances delivery efficiency and accuracy.
  • The Hoffman Modification Center offers value-added services such as customized enclosure modifications and panel assembly, reducing build times and improving manufacturing processes.
  • By leveraging technology and efficient production practices, Steiner focuses on delivering exceptional value and profitability to its customers.



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