Appleton® N1DC75-F3W3 DIV 1 30A 120-277VA

Tumbler-Snap Switch Control Stations
665069 MFG #: N1DC75-F3W3
683.35000 / ea
Explosionproof Tumbler Switch, Type Feed Through, Constructional Feature Explosionproof, Raintight, Watertight, Voltage Rating 120 to 277 VAC, Current Rating 30 Ampere, Contact Configuration 3-Way, Box Type Single Gang, Hub Size 1/2 Inch or 3/4 Inch, Enclosure Material Glass Reinforced Thermoplastic Polyetherimide, Actuator Material Nylon 6/6, Enclosure Class I Div 1 and 2 Group C D, NEMA 3/4X/7CD/12, Approval UL 894/1203
  • Features
Excellent heat deflection temperature sample specimens rated at 410 deg F
Non-metallic construction with metal imbedded grounding grid
No need to install special wires and parts for grounding
Feed-through grounded 1/2 or 3/4 in conduit openings for threaded conduit
Special grounding wire furnished with each box provides safe grounding when cover is removed
Non-metallic enclosures with corrosion resistant parts coated with epoxy, PTFE or Mylar™, these control stations offer unsurpassed resistance to chemicals
Silicone gasket, specially designed for the labyrinth-path point between cover and body, prevents entrance of moisture and dust
Smooth rounded integral bushing in each conduit opening protects conduct or insulation
Accurately tapped, tapered conduit openings for tight, rigid joints and ground continuity
Designed with unique labyrinth-path construction to assure a flame-tight joint between body and cover
Explosionproof, raintight, watertight with sealing fittings field installed adjacent to enclosure on all conduit runs, the N1 series enclosures withstood a hydrostatic test
Typical mechanical properties of 24500 psi tensile strength, 3% elongation at break, 33000 psi flexural strength and 1200000 psi flexural modulus
Electrical properties of sample specimens dielectric strength (in air) of 769 at 1/16 in
Designed with high strength thermoplastic polyetherimide, together with thick walls (5/16 in) and sound structural design (rounded corners) provides superior resistance to impact and crushing
The N1 Series provides excellent resistance to ultraviolet light
Operating handle has close-tolerance threaded stainless steel shaft to meet explosionproof requirements
Provides positive corrosion resistant operation
Handle may be locked in ON/OFF position
Enclosures have external mounting lugs for ease of mounting
Nylon 6/6 actuator