Appleton® EFD150-NL-Q EFD Dead End Electrical Box With Internal Ground Screw, Malleable Iron, 1 Gangs, 1 Outlets

Control Station Boxes
84395 MFG #: EFD150NLQ
88.44000 / ea
Appleton Group provides a complete selection of conduit bodies, outlet boxes, device boxes, cable glands and other fittings for both hazardous and ordinary locations. A variety of materials and styles are available to suit your needs for weather and corrosion-resistance. Whether you are wiring an office building or an offshore oil platform, Appleton Group has all the top quality componets you need.
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For EFS Tumbler Switches
For Contender™ CPS 20 A factory sealed receptacles and CPP plugs
Tumbler switch mounting body
Explosionproof, dust-Ignitionproof
EFD/EFDB and ends factory sealed control stations confine arcing of device within the enclosure, preventing ignition of ignitable atmospheres during control operation of motors and other equipment